Rearranged the code that serves as backends to the conversion and filter commands so it shares a common class, translate.misc.optrecurse - in preparation for updates to the filter code, so now you can specify preconditions in the code e.g. don't check for whitespace if untranslated.

World War Two Casualties

Take look at the list of casualties by country in World War Two. Changed my perception of the war - far more losses in Russia and China than I would have expected...

Peace - at last!

The moment I've been waiting for for a long time ...


Did some improvements to pomerge with Dwayne on Friday. debug builds

Pavel's build system also produces debug builds which add a reference number for each string. This is really nice as we can quickly look up any untranslated/mistranslated string in the GSI file and then in the PO file (which led me to discover that the Send command on the file menu should be Stuur and isn't coming through for some reason...). Thanks Pavel!

Splash Screens forever

My patches work, we have a nice splash screen :-) (Fixed a problem with my mods to the build system where it was trying to get the patches from the wrong directory). The intro screen didn't come through though, so had to do a patch to scp/source/office/files.scp too.

Prison, Restitution and Translation

Last night at church we had the final of three training seessions on being a multi-cultural community in South Africa. Jabu spoke about his experiences in the struggle, going to prison, what God did in his life. It reminded me of The Heavenly Man. Then Charles from the Foundation for Church-led restitution spoke about giving his farm for restitution to those who have been wronged, and Alastair spoke about restitution too ... Steve wrapped it up with presenting the education fund Jubilee is starting as a part of restitution.

Bugfixing etc

Did a bunch of bug fixing and enhancements on the translate tools today (mostly in response to emails on the list and from Dwayne) and helped Dwayne with problems with csv etc. Also tried to get GnomeMeeting going which we did in the end but the buzzing and slowness irritated me...

translate 0.8b1

OK, hopefully I've wrapped up the encoding problems with properties files as well as some other bugs Dwayne reported. Tested this out on the Mozilla 1.6 Russian xpi and seemed to work fine (though I can't read the results)... So released it as translate 0.8 beta 1, for everyone else to test...

OpenOffice building

OK, I now have building nice English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Northern Sotho builds on Linux. Remaining issues:

  • The license and readme files aren't being handled correctly for the non-English builds
  • Character encoding problems (which I thought were fixed ; perhaps the gsi files are old)
  • installs don't like installing more than one copy of the same version which is essential for testing multiple languages
  • some translation fixing...

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