Photo Albums

2014 Family

General pictures for use on the interweb

2008-11 Humour

2007-05 Family

2006-09 Nature

2006-08 Charis Birth

2006-08 Family
General family pictures

2006-08 Baby Shower
Baby Shower at Groot Constantia on 9th August 2006

2011-09 James and Charis

2010-08 Nagoya
Trip to Nagoya August 2010

Trip to Tokyo in August 2010

2010-08 Anni Visit
Visit from Anni in 2010-08

2009-11 International Day
International Day at school

2009-06 Joy
Photos from June 2009, including Joy's visit

2009-05 Holiday in Volmoed
Holiday in Volmoed, May 2009

2009-01 Starting School etc
James starting at preschool, and other things in January

2008-08 UK Holiday in Bedford
We finished our UK holiday staying with Debbie and Jonny and our new little nephew Samuel

2008-07 UK Holiday Shetland
As part of our family holiday in the UK we stayed with Danielle's parents in the Shetland. Joy came too.

2008-07 UK Holiday in London
In July we had an amazing holiday in the UK. These photos are from London

2007-06 Discovering Nagoya
First few weeks exploring

2007-06 Meeting Church Family
Grace City Church Nagoya

2007-06 Flat in Tsurumai
Looking at the place we ended up renting

2007-06 Staying with the Inoues
First week in Japan

2007-05 Flying to Japan
Not much time to take photos...

2007-05 Joburg Stopover
A great break in Joburg with Anni and Richard and friends

2007-05 Leaving Cape Town
Getting ready to go to Japan...