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Plugging Skype and Pidgin together

After thinking about de-nuctifying the world I've started to investigate creating a Pidgin (formerly Gaim) plugin to control Skype. This means you're still using a closed network, but from an open program, which makes migrating easier (and allows people to try multiple networks from the same interface).

PyToddler - just right

I found PyToddler recently and had James having lots of fun moving crayons round the screen and trying to make a mouse eat some cheese and say "Yum yum yum yum yum" - great watching him say "Go over there mouse!" and trying to encourage him to move the actual mouse (as in the computer-type one, not the rodent-type one). Just the kind of thing I wanted to write... the annoying thing in teaching James letters is that it's easier to learn lower-case letters but computer keyboards are all usually decorated with upper-case ones. Once we get to Japan we'll have plenty else to worry about :-)

De-nuct-ifying the world

I've had a strange experience over the past year, and it's getting more common. As a developer, I used to be the one recommending software/tech things to my friends. Now all my non-technical friends have started recommending things to me that they have discovered on the intar-web. The trouble is, they're almost all closed systems - apparently free, but under the control of one group.

Weekend away in Betty's Bay

We went away for the weekend with Ulrik and Andrea and stayed in Betty's Bay. Seems a bit crazy with only 11 days to go now before we leave and much to do - but it was actually brilliant to just have relaxed time with friends and I don't think we would have had that otherwise! James and Charis loved their little Staffy puppy called Mimi. We went for a walk to Disa Kloof and saw some baboons on the way back.

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