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How to do Credit Card Fraud in South Africa

Just phoned Debonairs to order some Pizza. The conversation went something like this:
Them: Hi

Sourceforge CVS woes and Pootle templatisation

This latest Sourceforge CVS outage has been most unfortunate. We tried to do a bug day aroud the one the week before, which was also unfortunate... Now for almost a week we haven't had any CVS access, and we had planned a release in that time of Pootle and the translate toolkit. Recovery Dialog in Firefox

Was amused when I tried to open a Word document from webmail. It started in a Firefox window with an embedded instance but obviously something went wrong as it showed up a recovery dialog.

Zimbra Mail Discoveries

Zimbra is a fantastic open source mail server. It basically wraps Postfix, and has a beautiful webmail interface including a great calendar system. Yes, AJAX, buzzwords, all apply.

Translate Toolkit 0.8 is out

Something I have been promising for many months has finally happened... We've been going backwards and forwards with so-called "release candidates" for 0.8 that were really betas or new versions, I managed eight!

A cool machine is a happy machine

I have been having repeated problems where my desktop just powers off if its overloaded. Its an Athlon XP 2400 and the CPU temperature was showing 79 degrees C and up (sometimes 129 degrees but I'm sure that was a bad reading...)

A positive dental experience

Danielle and I went to the dentist today for the first time in around 10

A great leap to freedom

We had a great Bug Day for the Translate Toolkit.

Zimbra messaging server

I've set up a copy of Zimbra, an open source messenging server with a beautiful AJAX webmail and calendar client on a local machine. Planned a while ago to move my mail to an IMAP server with a nice webmail frontend so it can be accessed from more than one place, and Zimbra seems like the best of the bunch.

Jingle builds of Psi and Kopete for Fedora Core 4

Was excited around Christmas to see the Jingle signalling protocol for Voice over IP through Jabber, which was jointly authored by Google and JSF people and is used by Google Talk.

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