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Advice on GPL businesses from MandrakeSoft

What advice would you offer to someone who is contemplating starting a GPL-based business?

Working through Window Managers...

OK, I am working my way through window managers, desktops etc ... currently xfce is the winner... I could personally use some of the blackbox or fvwm-style options but I think many newbie users would get confused. rox is interesting but wierd ... At least xfce gives me a basic usable panel, nice window manager, etc...

Smells of corruption...

Telkom can't explain its tarrifs. Well that's not surprising - a legislated, state-owned monopoly has been privatised and their prices are higher than prices in countries with competition. Why would they be otherwise. But at least the government seems to think its a problem. What smells of corruption is the quote from the Telkom representative:

Cutting down the bloat

Seems like I am not alone in feeling frustrated with current Linux desktop bloat when running on older machines. An article from Bob Marr that was featured on slashdot says basically the same thing.

Setting up Linux lab...

Set up a Linux lab (5 machines) at Jubilee with Dwayne on Thursday and Friday. Fedora Core 2 has no boot floppy support. It's slow to boot up and and Mozilla are relatively bloated for low end machines. It still amazes me that minimo is planned for machines with 32MB of memory - I'm sure the original versions of Mozilla used to run fine like that ... anyway we're making gradual progress...

translate 0.8b2 released

OK managed to get through most of Javier and Dwayne's reported bugs ... with the exception of how to handle jar file names and locale directories in xpi files transparently, so released translate 0.8b2 :-) :-) :-)


Rearranged the code that serves as backends to the conversion and filter commands so it shares a common class, translate.misc.optrecurse - in preparation for updates to the filter code, so now you can specify preconditions in the code e.g. don't check for whitespace if untranslated.

World War Two Casualties

Take look at the list of casualties by country in World War Two. Changed my perception of the war - far more losses in Russia and China than I would have expected...

Peace - at last!

The moment I've been waiting for for a long time ...


Did some improvements to pomerge with Dwayne on Friday.

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