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Strategy for guessing encodings

Came across this in comp.lang.python, fairly useful for localization work as you often have to guess what encoding something is in: splash screens for 2.0

Design a new splash screen for the upcoming 2.0 release - I like these ideas so far:

Classic Microsoft quote

According to Microsoft Australia's managing director, "There are plenty of products out there with features we don't have

KiLinux training camp progress

In Tanzania for the training camp. Has been pretty interesting discovering how the Swahili Localization Project works.
They have a pretty thorough team incorporating top experts on Swahili from Universities and research institutions and tehnical people. They have worked hard on generating a glossary first before translating software which is a good approach. They are just beginning to translate and are finding many of the same frustrations and challenges we found when starting to get into this.
Have had good talks about the localization process in a third-world context with Alberto and Louise and have persuaded them to learn Python, so hopefully they will be able to contribute code... (this is actually a hint in case they read my blog)
Bandwidth is better than I expected (we are at the university computing centre) but is a real limitation when you're trying to localize projects that have high bandwidth expectations, and power goes off from time to time and you need to start again ...
Did a session yesterday morning on how to use our tools, fairly basic, explained the procedure for and Mozilla using oo2po/po2oo and moz2po/po2moz, did a demo.

me doing my talk, complete with diagram

Off to Arusha, Tanzania

Just leaving to go to a training camp for the Swahili Localization Project in Arusha, Tanzania ... should be fun but already missing Danielle and James and I haven't left yet!

Started development on Pootle

Over the last week I've started development on Pootle, a simple web portal for localization... named after a Flumps character thanks to Danielle's suggestion.

Firefox and Thunderbird extensions I'm using

Looked through Firefox and Thunderbird extensions and have a setup I like now...

xfce upgrade to 4.1.90 for jubilee lab: kiosk mode

Did some work at the Jubilee Linux lab (5 old slow computers each with their own version of Fedora - 4 at the moment because one of the power supplies has died...)

OOo 2.x building :-)

Worked quite a bit on ooo-build stuff the last two days.

Building OOo 2.x branch using ooo-build

Well I've been trying to build OOo 680 (2.x series) using ooo-build, which doesn't quite work yet.

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