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upgrading dev->udev made my fedora system totally unusable

Beware! I apt-get dist-upgraded my system to the latest fedora development rpms, and part of that upgraded dev to udev. All very nice. Except I couldn't open a terminal. So I rebooted. And then it wouldn't even boot up properly because it couldn't allocate a console. So I had to use a rescue CD to create the /dev/console node, then it was fine.

Going to OOoCon 2004

God answers prayer. Going to OOoCon 2004 despite it initially seeming unlikely.

Classic Ballmer Quote

Steve Ballmer explains:

testing screenshots plugin for nanoblogger

We've moved our site to run on nanoblogger which is a great improvement

finally finished openoffice multilang builds

Finally finished the multilanguage builds, as in we have a master CD ready.

OOo multilingual test release for Linux

There is a new multilingual build of OOo 1.1.3 available on sourceforge At the moment, it is only available on Linux, Windows builds will be done on the weekend.

Progress on multilingual builds

I have now fixed most of the issues with multilingual install sets for (menu items stuck in a language, needing to edit the config files after the install) so we should be able to do a test release soon...

Ups and downs of multilingual openoffice setup

Finally worked out today how to get the setup program to display in the right language - was fairly simple, just set the Locale in Linux via LANG or in Windows via the control panel. In Windows, we need to manually edit the registry as Zulu and Sipedi / Northern Sotho aren't listed languages...

Wireless Hotspots on Lamp Posts

An idea I mentioned to Dwayne a while ago - why not use lamp posts to hold WiFi HotSpots - and start a mesh that edges from highways into suburbs...

Metadata for the desktop

An idea I've been thinking about for a while, so was nice to read Metadata for the desktop by Edd Dumbill.

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