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Complete Office Suite, now with Chutney

I got one of our 1.9.128 CDs, and I must say they look very nice. Very South African.
The thing about this is, it comes in all 11 South African languages.
Would you like Mrs Balls Chutney with that, sir?
Complete Office Suite, now with Chutney

Translate Toolkit now working on Firefox 1.5 xpis

I have finally gotten round to fixing up the Translate Toolkit so that moz2po / po2moz can be properly used with language pack xpis from the Firefox 1.5 series.

Qemu and Qvm86 rpms for Fedora Core 4

Wanting to run virtual machines on my Linux machine, I decided to hunt for a QEMU rpm. I found this nice page that explains how to build QEMU rpms for Fedora Core. However he uses the kqemu accelerator which is not open source and I would rather use qvm86 which is. 2.0 released (and South African builds)

So, 2.0 has been released. If you've tried the 1.x series, this is much, much better. There's a very interesting interview with Louis Suarez-Potts available.

Work resumes on ooo-build on Windows, Pootle and Translate Toolkit

After being busy with lots of behind the scenes things and other work, I feel like I'm finally making progress on the following:

Flumps DVD

A friend gave Danielle the Complete Flumps DVD for her birthday, and we've been watching them together as a family.

Danielle's hoppy birthday South African edition

Long time no blog ...

Language and Politics

A few language related news items from South Africa over the last few months:

Blue Rose details

Several months after I posted Once in a Blue Rose, an article appears with a photo:
Roses are Blue (also on Slashdot: True Blue)
The question is, Is the photo real? The one here is apparently not... (see the slashdot comments which reference a preexisting version)

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