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Preached at Jubilee on Building the Church with Gold, Silver and Precious Stones

Preached at Jubilee last Sunday night on building with gold, silver and precious stones - how we build the church.
Included this great version of the three little pigs ("Wolf-Side story"?) and a picture of the Taj Mahal, contrasted with the Cardboard House mentioned last week on Slashdot.
What kind of church are we after? Something temporary or something permanent, something functional, or something of beauty? We need to build Love, Obedience, Passion for spreading God's glory (Jim Elliot quotes) as well as Persistent Prayer, Faithfulness and Commitment, Sacrifice and Suffering and Discipleship. We need to avoid building mere structure. Building on the precious foundation of Christ, building for eternity means we cannot settle for less. And God supplies the materials by his grace (v10) so we don't ever have to settle for less.
Felt like it was delivered OK, people encouraging afterwards. Presentation here [dead link] and low-quality MP3 here.

Evidence of ties between al-Qaeda and USA

Interesting logic from Mr Rumsfeld:

Lack of logic may shape psychologist's thinking about language

slashdot mentioned an article entitled Language may shape human thought in which a psychologist argues for a variant of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis on the basis of a study of the Pirahã tribe.

Language inequality still a reality in South Africa

From an article on the Small Claims Court in the Southern Suburbs Tatler, our local freebie newspaper:

Once in a Blue Rose

First saw on IOL that someone has managed to make a genetically modified blue rose

Xhosa Childrens Bible

Met up with Mahle today who is interested in making a Xhosa Children's Bible or at least part of one.

Smells of corruption...

Telkom can't explain its tarrifs. Well that's not surprising - a legislated, state-owned monopoly has been privatised and their prices are higher than prices in countries with competition. Why would they be otherwise. But at least the government seems to think its a problem. What smells of corruption is the quote from the Telkom representative:

World War Two Casualties

Take look at the list of casualties by country in World War Two. Changed my perception of the war - far more losses in Russia and China than I would have expected...

Prison, Restitution and Translation

Last night at church we had the final of three training seessions on being a multi-cultural community in South Africa. Jabu spoke about his experiences in the struggle, going to prison, what God did in his life. It reminded me of The Heavenly Man. Then Charles from the Foundation for Church-led restitution spoke about giving his farm for restitution to those who have been wronged, and Alastair spoke about restitution too ... Steve wrapped it up with presenting the education fund Jubilee is starting as a part of restitution.

Free rubbish article at Washington Times

This is unbelievable...

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