Blood test results for James and Charis


It's been quite a week in the Fraser household, featuring James's liver issues, David going to Joburg for the day on Wednesday and Charis being taken for a precautionary blood test to make sure she doesn't have leukemia!

After visiting the gastro-enterologist to check out what's been happening with James's liver, he recommended discontinuing his anti-convulsant (Epilim) to see if that would help the liver recover. But when they got the blood test results the next day, they found that his liver condition has already improved remarkably! Basically all but one of the enzyme levels were back to normal, and the one that wasn't had improved a fair bit as well. James's paediatrician expects that it should come back to normal without changing his drugs, so there's a bit of a debate now as to whether to stop the Epilim or not - his doctor thinks it was probably a transient viral hepatitis (but not the standard Hep A or Hep B)

Since Sunday Charis has been complaining of pains in her legs and on Sunday particularly she was falling over a lot. With those being some of the symptoms that James had in his legs that led to the leukemia we were obviously nervous! So on Wednesday when James had his appointment with his doctor, Danielle asked her what we should do about Charis. She said for our peace of mind it's best to test, so they went straight off and had a blood test! Charis handled it brilliantly and didn't even cry and James was a great support with all his experience of having needles!

We got her blood results later that afternoon and Charis is clear which is great... the only abnormality was that her white blood cell count was even lower than James's which has been low - this apparently means that she's probably had a viral infection recently.

Charis has been struggling a lot and it's hard to tell how much is emotional and how much is her not being well so it helps a bit to know she has been sick. James has also been quite discontent and struggling - he seems to have perked up a bit as his liver seems to have improved... We do wonder if we've all had a virus and that's why we haven't been well. Whichever way we've felt very stretched both physically and emotionally! Discipline with sick and struggling kids feels like a hard balance to get right...

On the positive side both James and Charis have grown up so much recently - Charis is talking away and her vocab is incredible. James is getting all responsible and helpful and ready for going to preschool next year!

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