More liver troubles


Last week James started feeling a bit nauseous around food again, and so we asked them to test his liver condition. (This is after his liver apparently recovering from his two episodes last year). The results showed that his liver is struggling again - this time, only one of the four tests was abnormal, but it was 10 times the normal level. This was apparently a fairly clear indication of drug-related liver problems, and so we were told to not give James his weekly Methotrexate this week and then to test again. Today he was tested and the level that was high has dropped significantly, which seems to strongly indicate that his liver is not handling the Methotrexate.

This is (as his pediatrician said) "unfortunate", as that is one of the three regular chemo drugs that James gets and an important part of his treatment. We don't really know what the options are from here and are waiting to hear more from the doctors - basically whether they have to discontinue the Methotrexate permanently, whether there are any alternative drugs, and how likely this is to affect the success of the chemotherapy. We'll discuss this with the doctors over the next few weeks...

In other news, we're getting used to the new daily routine of James going to school and he's doing well there. David and James had a great time at the Jubilee Fathers and Sons camp (they just went through to Palmiet for the day and swam in the lagoon - both James and Charis are getting to be real lovers of swimming!) All four of us went away as a treat to a farm outside Montagu for the weekend (and saw the most incredible starlit night with no light pollution - the kids had a fantastic time playing with the animals and we came back with huge butternuts and vegetables etc) and we're keeping on rethinking priorities in life!

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