Settling and School


It's been a month of refocusing and recovery...

Danielle and I have still felt lots of residual stress from November and December ... I've been struggling to sleep very often and we've both been tired ... Positively we feel like this whole period has pushed us to think through what's important in life and again, and actually prioritize what we need to like never before. Putting the big stones in first - for us that means time with God in prayer and the Bible and worship, quality time with each other and the kids, and having time set aside to planning and decision making and sorting out finances (the things we naturally avoid), as well as good time with friends and family. This has been an encouraging process - we're engaging with life in a new way, and we know that in the long term it'll make a great difference to how we live. One step at a time.

James is starting preschool tomorrow - five mornings a week! It's a wonderful place run by an amazing woman - just 2 classes of 8 kids each, and she has a special place for children going through health issues so she has some understanding of the kinds of challenges he has been facing... He's a bit nervous but mostly excited (when we visited the school with him he was surprised that there were no desks to write exams - in his head school was school and he's heard about exams from our matric friends...) This is going to be a big adjustment to the daily schedule. One implication is that hopefully Charis will have good quality time with Danielle in the mornings - something she's lacked.

James's liver has been a lot better over the last two weeks - there's still discussion about whether it was caused by his drugs or a virus - he's stayed off his anti-convulsant and they've adjusted his chemo slightly, and are investigating what they would need to do if it turns out to be the chemo that's the problem (this could be fairly serious if it developed).

It was also sad to say goodbye to Anni and Richard, Debbie and Jonny and Sammy (going back to Joburg and Bedford), and then Andy and Louise and Mia (moving to the UK). James and Charis really bonded with Sammy and love Mia (as well as the grownups!) so this was hard for them. (We're buying Andy and Louise's car through a deal with my work, which is great, but no compensation!)

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