James onto maintenance therapy - Celebration


Haven't updated this blog over the last few months - we had to return from Japan because of James being diagnosed with Leukemia in August... and have since then been going through fairly intense treatment with him.

Well ... the great news is that we found out today that James' bone marrow is free from leukemic cells!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!! We are officially on Maintenance treatment now. This means 3 years of:

- monthly intravenous chemo
- five days of steroids every month
- daily oral chemo tablets
- lumbar punctures and bone marrow biopsies every three months to check how things are going

They are also hoping to take his line out on Friday!!!! This will mean injections for James again but will reduce the risk of infection in his line.

The professor, James' doctor that we met with this morning, said that these next three months are particularly crucial in terms of relapsing because of coming off the more intensive treatment. For all of you pray-ers ... please pray that these months are free from relapse along with the next years and the rest of his life!!!! Thanks so much for everyone who have been praying away and also for all the amazing messages and kindnesses! We have been blown away!!!!

We went to the Spur today, a restaurant that James absolutely loves, that we have been unable to take him to because of his low white blood count. He loved it and we all celebrated our socks off!!!!

We have to watch how his body responds to this next treatment phase, before making decisions about him going out in big groups of people etc. It looks like he will be able to go to church though and to school even. (although we haven't decided whether to send him to playschool a few mornings a week yet. We're just going to wait and see how things are emotionally and physically!) He will probably be able to eat a bit more normally too, although we also have to wait to see if we can take him off the diet, depending on his white blood count.

What a change this is and what a milestone for us. We are blown away and haven't quite processed this wonderful wonderful news yet but wanted to share it with all our friends!

Thank you Lord!!!!

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